As society makes the shift away from full time office culture, setting up a proper work space has become a necessity for many of us. Hybrid schooling, online scrolling and more time spent on screens has led to an increase in tech related body aches, but as always – we’ve got your back! 

See expert tips below on how to set up your office to protect your back and maintain a sense of calm while working from home.

Tech Set-Up Suggestions:

Adjust the height of your chair so that your feet are on the floor. 

There should be 2-3 finger width between the edge of your seat and the back of your knees.

Your keyboard and mouse should be elbow height.

Keep your shoulders relaxed and wrists straight. *Pro tip – we keep a bottle of our Calm Balm on our desk at all times to soothe tight shoulders and neck muscles.

Make sure your monitor is directly in front of you at arms distance or more.

Invest in a good office chair with lumbar support. This is one area where skimping will catch up with you.. 

Bodywork Tips from Pros

Rest your eyes every 20 minutes! Eyes need to focus at different distances from time to time.

Take a break with our Refresh Eye Mask for a total mid-day reset.

Try to do some work standing throughout the day, and most importantly take breaks to stretch. Our West Hollywood GM, Aigner Mathis walks us through some simple stretching techniques here to help get you through the day. You can check them out on our IGTV.

Use apps that help remind you to take body breaks! Up or Standup are two we have been using.