As we reflect on the past year, we want to thank you for being a part of The NOW community.

When we opened our doors it was our wish to share the power of massage to heal and inspire, and offer an oasis to escape the daily grind of city life. Three years later we are proud to host four boutiques in neighborhoods across LA and have launched our Nourish by The NOW line with it’s best-selling Peppermint Calm Balm and more wellness and self- care tools in the works.

Our mission has always been to make quality massage a part of your regular wellness routine, while  incorporating the luxury of a destination spa you’d visit on vacation. We believe that self care, especially for a modality as powerful as massage, is something everyone should have access to in a safe, dependable, and inspired setting. NOW & always, we are committed to providing an elevated experience at an accessible price point.

We still travel the world in search of elements that add to the richness of our interiors, whether it is a handcrafted lamp or an authentic Moroccan rug.  As we develop new products for our Nourish by The NOW line, it is always at the level of quality, efficacy, purity, and beauty that we require.

Most importantly, our dedicated massage therapists keep your well being at the forefront while delivering therapeutic quality massage treatments. Personalization in the form of enhancements allow you to craft a massage experience to your preferences, or you can work with your therapist to get recommendations on what is most beneficial to address your concerns. Our expert therapists are there to support you in your journey toward optimal wellness and balance.

Every element of what we do is straight from our hearts to yours. With sincerest gratitude we wish you a happy and healthy 2019. We can’t wait to serve you in the year to come!