Calling all expectant moms, we are here for you NOW & Always. Pregnancy is such a special time as you prepare to meet your little one and navigate your bodies constant changes.

But let’s be honest, it doesn’t always feel fantastic… morning sickness, back pain and swelling are common especially in the last trimester. We’ve been there, and our new + improved Glow Mama Enhancement is designed for you at those moments when you need it most.

Our massages are crafted to leave you feeling supported, soothed and reenergized. The Glow Mama Enhancement is performed by our skilled therapists who know how to work with your body and its unique needs, aches and pains.

This special massage enhancement includes bolsters and body pillows for side positioning and comfort. We use baby safe Naturopathica lavender blossom aromatherapy, and massage techniques geared toward relieving muscle tension, circulation, and reduced swelling. Plus it promotes restful sleep essential for every mama to be.

As with all our enhancements, you can add the GLOW Mama ($10) when booking your massage. We hope you enjoy this time for yourself and take a moment to rest and recharge knowing the best thing you can do for your baby is to treat your body well.